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Bacon makes everything better.

Tonight I made split pea soup. Weston gave his stamp of approval, that means it’s delicious and should be made again.
I always say “o I’ll remember the recipe in my head.” I don’t really, and when I go to make it again, it comes out different. So rather than writing it down in some arbitrary location that I’ll forget about, I’ll blog it for all to see!

List of ingredients:
1. 3/4 lb of bacon
2. one yellow onion
3. bundle of kale.
4. lentils, amount depends on your personal taste
5. green onion
6. mushrooms
7. 16 oz of vegetable stock.
Spices I used: slap yo mama, pepper, pinch of salt, coriander, curry, red pepper, chili pepper, fennel seed, caraway seed, ground mustard, garlic powder, chives, bay leaves, turmeric, cumin, and marjoram. No particular order. I can’t remember their quantities.

First, I sautéed 1/2 a chopped onion in my cast iron with pepper and salt and olive oil. Then I took 3/4 lb of peppered bacon, chopped up, and threw them into the caramelizing onions. While this was happening, I boiled green lentils in water.

Once the bacon was done cooking, I put that aside in a bowl. I did NOT wash out that pan! I put a tad more oil and threw in the other half of my chopped onion. Then I rinsed and threw in my bundle of kale until it was soft. I turned my attention back to the lentils. Once they were down cooking, I strained them, and put them back in the stock pot with a can of diced tomatoes. I spiced these. I threw in my bacon, 16oz of vegetable stock, kale/onion sauté, freshly chopped mushrooms and green onions.

Then I spiced some more. Added some water and voila! Done!



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Owl hats galore

Even with my nursing school, I still find time to knit, certainly not as much. I fit it in over the weekends or when we watch netflix. There has to be a balance. One can’t live on bread alone, right? So I can’t do school all the time. I have my part time work, full time school, my homelife and knitting. Things are simple. That man of mine helps to keep things simple as well.

At the urging of my mother, I started letting people pay for my yarn. I kind of see this as one step closer to people paying for me to knit or make things. I’m very much hesitant to do so, I don’t have factory written on my forehead, but I do enjoy making things for people I know. I like to think about them wearing my hats and laughing and being warm. It’s very gratifying.

Below is where I got my pattern for the owl hat.

Here are some pics of my hats, I think I’ve made 4 now. Yikes. My sister and I have basically matching oat colors and the blue one is for my boss’ wife, a delightful mother of 4.

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