Simple cleaning

Today we cleaned our upstairs. Bam! Weston and I tag teamed the place and gave it a good “mom” cleaning, as I like to call it. A “mom” cleaning is one that is thorough, not just sweeping. It took us no time.
I should note, we’ve been looking at houses. We’re one of those couples that loves to look and is willing to wait for the right place to come along and wait until I’m done with school so we have two incomes. We have an idea of where we want to live already, and one of the search criteria is that the home is small. And one of the reasons for a small house: easier to clean!
I also don’t see myself needing a house with hoards of space, that would just need loads of things to fill in the spaces. I like small houses, they’re economical, easy to clean, practical, and keeps things simple. We like to keep things simple in the Hopkins/Werner house.
Until next time mes amis!


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  1. Also easy to heat, but make sure to have enough room for yarn!

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