Knitting and Quilting Mash!

A new addition to our ever expanding family arrived (early) last week, my newest nephew, Teddy, III. He shares a name with his Dad and my Dad. It has been such a joy to watch my brother, Ted, become a doting father.

Obviously, the kid needs something hand-made from his Auntie. And whenever I make something as the Auntie, I picture in my head the scene in a Christmas Story when Ralphie has to put on the pink fur bunny costume from his Aunt. The kid looks miserable.

Luckily for everyone, I don’t make animal costumes.

Back to the blanket: I used a pattern called the log cabin. The blanket should resemble a log cabin…good thing it’s not a pink bunny. The yarn is soft and washable, ideal for a burping baby Teddy. Anyway, here is the photo, I enjoyed making it.



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2 responses to “Knitting and Quilting Mash!

  1. You’re the best Aunt around!! Very nice work.

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