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Bachelorette Invites

When your best friend asks you to help coordinate the bach party, you do it.

For years now, my sister and I have been stationary makers extraordinaire. We share a love of making things yourselves and thriftyness. Sorry, but hallmark is expensive. When you have a lot of family members with birthdays, it adds up.

I wanted to mass produce my own invites without having to draw the same picture 20 times. Can anyone say “Michaels!”?? Away I went. Fact, Micheals does NOT sell stamp making kits. I bought a piece of balsa wood and foam piece. Cut to the chase, foam piece doesn’t work. Balsa wood does.
I drew out my picture, traced it and then used an exacto knife to trace the drawing. Then I took some carving knives and carefully indented over the drawing. Then I stamped and dropped it on a card. Done.
See below, post crafty.


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